Byington Group- Environmental Projects

  • ACT Communications – Conducted environmental and safety audits, and regulatory program development, for a company focused on the design and manufacturing of electrical and electronic products for the commercial, industrial and residential markets.
  • Aviation Properties – Registration and management of underground storage tanks (UST’s) UST Removals.
  • Blanks Printing and Imaging – Provide wastewater sampling and analytical monitoring, Annual Emissions Inventory reporting, storm water requirements, and assistance with regulatory inspections.
  • Business Jet Center – Assist  Fixed Base Operator (FBO) for Business aviation clients with storm water, SPCC, and UST requirements; including permitting and regulatory compliance.
  • Camterra Resources – Conducted environmental compliance audits of five (5) natural gas compressor stations located in Texas and Louisiana.
  • Four Seasons Manufacturing, A Division of Standard Motor Products – Conducted an environmental compliance audit of the automotive HVAC manufacturing facility; providing ongoing reporting and compliance program assistance.
  • GCSI, Legacy Ridge Golf Course – Providing a golf course development project with compliance addressing Floodplain Development Permit, storm water permitting and SWPPP, Water Use Permit, Backwater Analysis, Nationwide Permitting with the USCOE, and wetland development.
  • Interstate Southwest Forge – Environmental Compliance Audit, media specific to water and storm water issues.
  • KO Steel Foundry (abandoned, bankruptcy clean up) – Provided sampling, profiling and subsequent disposal of material contained in drums, totes, supersacks, tanks, and miscellaneous containers at the KO Steel Foundry facility.
  • Mirant Americas – Develop Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for multiple natural gas power plants in the southeast United States.
  • MLT Development Company – Environmental compliance programs for a large, multiple hangar Business aviation site; including storm water, spill prevention, UST operations, and permitting and reporting requirements.
  • Nucor-Yamato Steel Company – Hazard Communication Program Audit and Hazard Communication Program development, hazardous and non-hazardous waste identification, and Emergency Preparedness and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requirements for a large steel plant.
  • OxyChem – Provide semi-annual wastewater monitoring for a chemical manufacturer to meet City wastewater discharge requirements.
  • Sendero Energy – Development of an SPCC Plan for a natural gas production site.
  • XTO Energy – Conduct an EHS audit and provide recommendations for the Business aviation facility.

Environmental Impact


The Byington Group has made an environmental impact in corporate organizations and government agencies through a wide range of EHS projects. Together, Byington Group members have knowledge, education, and experience that applies to the sustainability needs in an extensive number of industries. Their more notable projects are listed here.