Business Aviation

Byington Group members maintain Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Love Field Homeland Security Clearance as part of their management of environmental regulatory compliance for fixed-based operator (FBO) facilities at the Dallas Love Field Airport.  Over the last 15 years, we have provided assistance to ExxonMobil Corporate Aircraft Group, MLT Development Company, and Business Jet Center.  We deliver results that are consistent, reliable, and have proven invaluable in achieving compliance while working toward continuous improvement.

A few of the projects we have completed for Dallas Love Field Airport Business Aviation clients include:

  • Annual and Quarterly Environmental, Health, and Safety auditing.
  • Development and implementation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), independent of the co-located permittees associated with the Dallas Love Field Airport SWPPP; to include filing Industrial Storm Water Notice of Intent (NOI), annual environmental training, and interaction with State and City regulators.
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan development, implementation, and annual training.
  • Oversight of Underground Storage Tank (UST) operations, monitoring of monthly automatic tank gauging (ATG) and reconciliation, and Registration/Self-Certification; annual Class A & B UST certification and training, and interaction with State and City regulatory inspectors.
  • Tier 2 reporting, Source Reduction and Waste Minimization; routine waste handling and profiling, monitoring, storage, and shipping of waste streams.
  • TCEQ Air Emissions program Permits-by-Rule (PBR).
  • Forensic investigation at adjacent leaking petroleum storage tank (LPST) sites.
  • Preparation and implementation of a Contaminated Materials Management Plan for construction of a new hangar.
  • Specialized industrial hygiene projects.

At Byington Group, we believe successful outcomes in today’s complex regulatory environment mean that prevention is more important than mitigation.

Printing and Engraving


Byington Group has supported Printing, Engraving, and Electroplating clients on a continuous basis since 2007.  Several Byington Group members provide full-time on-site support on a continuing basis for Federal Printing and Engraving clients, maintaining Level 5 Federal Security Clearances.  Some of our noteworthy accomplishments at these facilities have included:

  • Design, Implementation, and Registration/Certification of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Identification and tracking to completion of feasible objectives and targets for the EMS
  • Comprehensive Assessments and Corrective Actions
  • Annual Compliance Reporting Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP)
  • EMS audits and inspections
  • New Source Review (NSR) Permitting and NESHAP Reporting
  • Permitting and tracking of solid waste, water, and air emissions
  • Integrated Contingency Plans at High Security Currency Production Areas
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response document integrating emergency planning, preparedness and response requirements of multiple agencies including OSHA, EPA, TCEQ, and Homeland Security
  • Construction Plan assessment for equipment installation/modification/ transfer and other activities that would require review and compliance under the environmental policy and regulations

Food Processing

Services provided for Food Processing clients in the Dallas and Texas areas over the last 10 years has proven instrumental in supporting and re-establishing regulatory compliance.  Projects performed for meat and poultry processing, packing and cold storage, and smokehouse operations have included:


  • EHS Compliance Audits
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting
    • Environmental Plans (SWPPP and SPCC Plan) include weekly, monthly and quarterly sampling, reporting, and monitoring.
    • Prepare applications and received approval permits for resumption of storm water and wastewater discharges.
    • UST ATG leak detection inspections and documentation.
    • Assistance in maintaining all permit requirements.
    • New Source Review air emissions permit application for smokehouse operations.
  • Waste Stream Management
    • Wastewater pre-treatment
    • Chemical inventory
    • Disposal of chemicals and various waste streams.
    • Siting of chemical storage tanks.
    • Management of Universal Wastes.
  • Litigation support
    • Expert witness support regarding allegations of illegal storm water and wastewater discharges
    • Review and investigation of wastewater and storm water discharge sampling protocols and QA/QC practices
    • Identified adjacent and nearby alternative sources for detected constituents not permitted for discharge.
  • Commissioned Property Condition, Asbestos, and Mold Assessments to demonstrate the safety of older facilities for re-occupation; receiving Certificate of Occupancy from the City.
  • Public Hearing Representation.


Byington Group members manage petrochemical clients as a part of their routine project portfolios that include Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production Companies, Pipe Lines, Former/Abandoned Refineries, Planned Refineries, Fuel Storage Terminals, Petro-Chemical Manufacturing Plants, Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank (UST and AST) Facilities, and Used Oil Collection Facilities.  We use a systematic approach to solving problems for our clients that includes building dynamic teams of professionals to respond to each unique requirement.

A few of the projects we have completed for our Petrochemical clients include:

  • Environmental Plan Development, Implementation, and Training
    • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
    • Facility Response Plans (FRP)
    • Emergency Action Plans (ERAP)
  • UST operations
    • Monitoring of monthly automatic tank gauging (ATG) and reconciliation
    • Registration/Self-Certification
    • Annual Class A & B UST certification and training
    • Interaction with State and City regulatory inspectors
  • Auditing
    • Due Diligence
    • Annual
    • Quarterly
  • Due Diligence
    • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
    • Auditing
    • Phase II Baseline Sampling
  • Waste Management
    • Tier 2 reporting
    • Source Reduction and Waste Minimization
    • Routine waste handling and profiling,
    • waste stream monitoring, storage, disposal, and shipping
  • Permitting
    • Permits-by-Rule (PBR)
    • Air New Source
    • Wetland – Section 10/404 permitting,
    • Threatened and endangered species clearance
    • Section 106 SHPO/archaeological assessment
  • Forensic investigation
  • Specialized industrial hygiene projects

At Byington Group, we believe successful outcomes in today’s complex regulatory environment mean that prevention is more important than mitigation.